About Dojo Izakaya

Dojo Izakaya offers a unique selection of vegetables, seafood and meat cooked in the Japanese tradition.

In the  ways of an authentic izakaya, Dojo Izakaya is an intimate space with low lighting: a perfect place for small groups of friends to meet for fun, food and drinks at moderate prices.  Enjoy beer and/or sake from our vast selection.sake selection

The dress is causal with a wide variety of music styles to set a mood and enrich the experience.

Dojo Izakaya is your little Japanese hideout in the east village where Japanese tavern meets Japanese tapas, conveniently located on Avenue B — just off the northwest corner 3rd street in New York City.

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Sushi Dojo Restaurant in the east village has a highly regarded sushi bar and table dining.

History and Tradition of an Izakaya

Izakaya literally means “stay sake shop,” which in Japan is a place providing food that goes well with drinks; usually a wide-ranging menu of small-plate dishes, and sake options. A big component that gives an izakaya its uniqueness is that it functions as a place where friends and colleagues gather for get-togethers and social interactions.

In Japan there are some nationwide chains, but small individually run izakaya shops are very common.They are to Japan what a pub would be to England or Ireland.

According to an article in the Japan Times, Mark Robinson (a Tokyo-based editor and journalist) said that an izakaya is more interesting than a restaurant.  “You just order one or two things at the beginning. And then as your mood changes, you see new dishes,” he said. “The evening is like a journey.”